Staff Engagement On Steroids!

Our little "Run Bigfish Run!" campaign went the distance with a simple approach—get a treadmill, get a webcam, get training for the Bridge to Brisbane, and get donations. So we banded together and ran 350km, raising $11k for charity while generating enough internal team spirit to last for the rest of the year.


Each year the BADC (Brisbane Advertising and Design Club) sets a charity challenge for the Bridge to Brisbane fun run. We’ve won it before (way back in 2008) so in 2011 we set out to up the stakes and make charity challenge history.



The idea was simple – get a treadmill, get a webcam, get training, get donations. But it required the absolute commitment of the WHOLE team to work. In the end, everyone got involved, some reluctantly at first, but it goes to show a great idea goes a long way. 

Getting Interactive

Our glorious tech guys got busy on the hardware. They plugged together a custom made system that allowed viewers to see and hear our runners in real time. More importantly, it allowed the runner and audience to interact.

Going Viral

We're social beings here at Bigfish, so we got to work spreading the word via our existing networks and the occasional personalised eDM. Eventually the crowd took over for us. 

The Microsite

As we hit the treadmill, thousands of users hit our microsite. But it was more about quality than quantity. By making heroes of our runners, their friends and friends of friends felt very much a part of the experience. We knew this would be important in getting people to hand over their hard earned.

Donate To Coach

Everyday Hero don't offer a plug-in to make official donations via. So we made a work-around allowing both sites to talk. Donations were made to a specific runner allowing the viewer to become a ‘coach’ and tell our runner what to do via a messenger-style feed.

Lots Of Fun

It was a fun week. VERY fun. Generally we did exactly what was asked of us. There were the usual “faster, fasters” and some more creative suggestions including shots of tequila, running in spandex lingerie, singing "We are the champions", etc... there was even a modest sprinkling of tourette’s in there for good measure. 


We managed to keep the studio productive, but also gained some valuable fitness out of it. Well, those of us who didn’t have Sheldon jump on them mid-run, like one Mr Rem Bruijn pictured.

More Results

Over the five days we collectively ran some 350kms and raised a modest sum of cash for Melanoma Patients Australia, which placed us 3rd in the overall team fundraising stakes. Yippee. 

Oh, That Was Just Training.

Team member Adam Royle took top honours on the day with a sub 45minute run (that’s pretty quick). The rest of us celebrated in New Farm Park with full-carb beer and the fattiest bratwurst you can buy.

More Results Again

Latest update! We won the BADC Charity Challenge again and received the prestigious piece of perspex for the second year running. It means we get to set the tone for next year. What will we do next? Anyone? Anyone?

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