Bringing Brisbane Festival to life online
Bringing Brisbane Festival to life online Latest Greatest
Bringing Brisbane Festival To Life Online
After many years of promoting the Brisbane Powerhouse, Bigfish were tasked with promoting the Brisbane Festival in the digital space. This website is just the beginning...
Bringing Brisbane Festival to life online
Smaller Footprint, Bigger Future
Smaller Footprint, Bigger Future Latest Greatest
Smaller Footprint, Bigger Future
Thiess looked to Bigfish to keep the environment top-of-mind among their thousands of staff
Smaller Footprint, Bigger Future
Raising the bar,
one km at a time...
Raising the bar, one km at a time... Latest Greatest
Raising The Bar,
One Km At A Time...
Each year the BADC (Brisbane Advertising & Design Club) set a charity challenge for the Bridge to Brisbane fun run. 'Run Bigfish Run' was our answer.
Raising the bar, one km at a time...

Run Bigfish Run 2014

We're proud to announce that we're BACK for the croquembouche of charity challenges – Run Bigfish Run. In 2014, it'll be bigger, better and more bonkers than ever. Our team is raring to go, and ready to raise the bar for SMA Australia. Every day this week, we'll shuffle, dance, stroll, sprint, twerk and/or drum our way through a half-hour training session. So jump aboard! It's treadmill time. Tell us what you think

We're Performing At Powerkids!

Dancing grizzly bears have been sited all over Byron Bay... and Brisbane's next! Featuring Sheldon’s original songs, Sem’s signature moves and one pretty awesome pancake costume, Monkey Monkey Shake Shake will be performing at the next Powerkids in July. Spike and Dadda will be there too, screening twice daily at the Visy Theatre.
P.S. Want to be a part of our next weird and wonderful film clip? Follow MMSS on Facebook!
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Free Comic Book Day

Meanwhile, at Bigfish… the team battled the crowds at Comics Etc last weekend, spying not only Batman, but our latest campaign in action. The man behind the mask is our design guru Scott, who has pioneered the store’s rebrand and done some incredible illustrative work. KaPOW! Tell us what you think

Pipik's In Poland

Remember Mr Pipik? When he’s not running for PM or sharing his unique thoughts on the big issues, he’s changing colour and scoring millions of views for a Polish telco. Yep, according to this article and Google Translate, “Yellow potato NJU mobile is MR. PIPIK from Australia”. We couldn’t be prouder. Watch him here. Tell us what you think

Over $13,000 Raised For Sma Australia

When we traded our treadmill for a few other fundraising ideas this year, we never thought we'd be so blessed! An incredible $13,674 was donated to SMA Australia, made possible by the big hearts of our friends, family and supporters. Sheldon took to the streets in a week-long busking bender (click below for highlights), but you're the ones who cheered on the cause, throwing your spare change (and more) into his signature purple hat. A huge thank you to all. Tell us what you think
What We Do

We're a close knit team of strategists, designers, writers, animators, editors, programmers and producers who love the variety and challenges the digital world brings. We’ve been called many things – ad agency, digital gurus, design geeks, branding company, production house, animation studio, web company, event puppeteers, content creators and Kenneth. But labels aside, we hope our work speaks for itself.